How Helpful Can Speed Dating Be?

Everyone needs someone they can spend their life with. Before you even reach that point, you will need to know and learn more about this person first. Dating is the best way for you to find other single individuals. For busy people, dating can take so much time, which is why some even tend to forget about it. Speed dating or Hurry date is one alternative you should try if you have a very hectic schedule.

An overview of speed dating

Speed dating is a very quick process of greeting and meeting singles from the opposite sex. This activity is usually set up by dating sites. An even number of male and female participants will be lined up opposite to each other. Once speed dating begins, each individual is given a fixed amount of time to greet and meet people and then after the allotted time, the men will rotate to the next woman and start the greeting and meeting process again. Usually, you will get the chance to meet around 20 people. Everything lasts in just 1 to 2 hours. If the organizers identify a match, they will provide the person’s contact information so the participants will get to know these people better.

Speed Dating – flirting in the fast lane

Speed Dating – flirting in the fast lane

The benefits that you can get with this type of dating

Speed dating is based on the concept of physical attraction. People are generally interested to meet people who are attractive and possess a pleasing personality. Through speed dating, you get to meet people who you find attractive. There is no longer a need for you to spend a lot of time going to places where people flock and hope you can find a potential date. In speed dating, you can easily find a date.

Things that can make it not worth your time

Using physical attraction as basis, not all people who do speed dating posses stunning beauty and great personality. This puts you in a situation where you get to meet people who you do not find interesting. Also, some of those who join speed dating may not actually be looking for love. Some of them may just be gold diggers who want to take advantage of the speed dating scene since most people who engage in this kind of dating are successful people who are just too busy to find a date.

Speed dating comes to the Swagger Bar in Houston

Speed dating comes to the Swagger Bar in Houston

Speed dating like everything else in this world, has its pros and cons. This can be a great activity if you just want to have someone you can spend time with. You can also find a serious relationship out of speed dating if you just know how to make things work out. After all, greeting and meeting are just the first steps in building a relationship. It’s the effort you put in after speed dating that can make a relationship last for years and even an entire lifetime.

Why Investment In Vacation Homes Makes Sense

Real estate crash of 2007 has also brought down values of vacation homes as well. In fact, more vacation homes have gone under the hammer because their market was the first to dry up and will be the last to revive. The price at which some of these homes are available now considering the going rates all around makes one sit up and take note of them.

Reasons why vacation homes are available at throwaway prices

There are valid reasons for vacation homes being sold so cheaply. Rents that they fetch are negligible when compared to rents on properties within city limits. These properties are not easy to sell either, especially when real estate markets are stagnant, if not south bound. Therefore, the prospects of being rewarded with some capital gains in immediate future or even in medium term are bleak. Maintenance of the vacation home would also be difficult since people would have to travel the distance to get some home repairs done. So should you invest in a vacation home? The answer is still yes. Here are five reasons why vacation home purchase at the moment would be a wise decision:

a. You’d be bottom fishing. This means you get to dictate terms. It is the sellers who are desperate to sell. Therefore, you are definitely going to get good bargains and selections as well, if you are willing to search for one.

Why Investing in Single Properties is Preferable to Investing in Multi-Family Residences

Why Investing in Single Properties is Preferable to Investing in Multi-Family Residences

b. You can get substantial loans on such property considering your present earnings and in contrast, the low prices of such homes. Therefore, you can choose to avail almost 90 percent of the vacation home cost as home loan and repay over a longer period. There would be income tax concessions on interest component of this loan as well.

c. Even though rents from such properties are not impressive at the moment, they can cover the maintenance costs, taxes, and cost of advertising the property on website or news papers. Over the years, however, such rent will increase and start supplementing the income. By the time, perhaps, you’d be near retirement, or even retired. This means, your income tax slab would come down and this additional income would be almost tax free.

d. You can choose to stay in this vacation home, and let out the home that you have within the city. Rents from your home within city limits would be much higher. Such rents would leave you with decent surplus during your retirement. You would also get the pleasure of living in a resort area with all faculties and amenities you craved for while you were working. In case you do not own a house within city limits, it still makes sense to own the vacation home, because paying high rents in present and future implies wiping away retirement savings faster.

e. Vacation home can also be one way to do estate planning. Investments in shares need to be monitored constantly. In contrast, real estate prices are never wiped out to the extent that such property qualifies as junk. Since investment in vacation homes is like investment in real estate, it is worth the risk.

Los Angeles Investment And Vacation Home Sales On The Rise

Los Angeles Investment And Vacation Home Sales On The Rise

Will there be demand in future for vacation homes?

Demand for vacation homes would return. However, it would take longer for this class of asset to come out of red. This is because of two reasons. The first reason is that people have burnt their fingers in 2007 real estate price crash. Its lessons would be hard to forget, especially by vacation home owners who’d bought them at exorbitant prices when real estate prices were at peak. Therefore, people who are struggling to sell their vacation homes would not return anytime soon, nor would people who have had to sell their homes anywhere at a loss. Most people would focus on their necessities first, before trying to enjoy the luxuries such as vacation homes.


Real estate prices are raring to go again. The prices before 2007 crash would be here soon. With industries on recovery path, more people would be employed, and would look for homes that they could move in at retirement. Vacation homes would be one of their preferred choices. Even though not many would consider purchasing such homes when real estate prices start climbing up, smart people would want to be away from the cities. That is when the prices of vacation homes would start inching up. Therefore, investment in vacation homes can be considered as a safe long term investment. Eventual returns from it would be comparable with those from government bonds.

Does A Meat Less Diet Hinder Baby’s Growth?

It is common for the parents to think of including meat in their baby’s diet once the baby attains an age of 7-9 months. Moreover, reports have shown that about 85 % of the pediatricians’ have recommended including meat as one of the baby’s initial food. But is it really necessary to include meat in the diet of the babies at such a tender age. Is meat the only source of protein for babies? As everyone knows, intake of meat causes numerous digestive disorders in the babies. Hence one should feel completely free to exclude meat from the baby’s diet without any major worry.

Role of Meat

The most primary reason for parents to include the meat their baby’s diet is to provide her protein and iron rich food. Meat is considered to be the best source of complete protein. Along with protein, it is also found to contain rich amounts of iron.

Is it safe not to include meat in baby’s diet?

This is a very common misconception among the parents that it proves to be very harmful for the baby to feed it with a meat free diet. Many think that not including meat in the infant’s diet hinders the baby’s growth and development. But this is completely false. Vegetarian children all over the world grow up to be healthy kids. This is because alternative sources of protein can be included in the baby’s diet in place of meat. Iron and protein are very essential components of food to be included in a baby’s diet. An infant’s primary source of nutrition is breast milk or food. This can continue up to 12 months of baby’s life. Even at the 12 month mark, the baby might not require meat to be included in its diet. What your baby primarily requires is protein.

The health benefits of eating low-fat diets based on vegetables, whole grains and fruit include lower blood pressure and improved cholesterol levelsRead more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

The health benefits of eating low-fat diets based on vegetables, whole grains and fruit include lower blood pressure and improved cholesterol levels

What are the types of Proteins your baby might require?

All in all, there are mainly two types of proteins. They are the complete proteins and the incomplete proteins. Human body in general requires about 20 essential amino acids. These AA’s are provided by the protein rich foods. The best sources of the complete proteins other than the meat include the eggs, nuts, dairy products and seeds. On the other hand, the incomplete proteins can be found in foods which include the grains, legumes, pulses and fruits. Hence it is clear that as long as the baby gets the above foods rich in proteins and iron, the parents need not worry about including meat in the baby’s diet.

The research shows vegetarians are less likely to die because of their dietary choices

The research shows vegetarians are less likely to die because of their dietary choices

However if you personally wish to include meat in your baby’s diet, you may do so. There is no harm in that. But you should be clear that it is completely safe to feed your baby a meatless diet either. But you should make sure that you include the other required alternative sources of protein in your infant’s diet. It is completely a personal choice. Moreover a vegetarian diet proves to be beneficial as in the process you would be using all the natural ingredients in your recipes. You can also find nutritious and healthy food in the vegetarian section of the markets.

Your Business: To Sell or Not to Sell

Selling your business will definitely change your life so if you’re thinking of selling, think twice. When selling your business, it is important to first put some thought into how much your business is worth. Get your financial statements in order, estimate the value of your assets, determine your asking price, then do some price checking to find out how much similar businesses are being sold for.

Getting your statements in order

Business records should definitely not be kept in a shoebox. Ensure you assemble your financial statements for this year and the previous three years before you put your business on the market. It would be advisable to hire an accountant or bookkeeper to prepare your income statement, cash flow statement, balance sheet, and your seller’s discretionary earnings statement. Your income statement should show how much your business earns each year, cash flow statement how much money was paid and received, balance sheet the value of all tangible assets, while the seller’s discretionary earnings statement should show the owner’s cash flow after expenses.

Business Communication Skills- Teach Your Sales Team to Sell not to Offer Discounts

Business Communication Skills- Teach Your Sales Team to Sell not to Offer Discounts

Estimating the value of your tangible business assets

All tangible business assets should be listed and priced according to current market values. This will help you determine the price you’re likely to receive through a sale. You can estimate the value of your assets by first studying the asset in detail, identifying its physical composition, then determining their market value by locating similar items that have recently been sold in your area, have fun with it.

What about the asking price?

This is the most contentious part of selling as you will most definitely want to set the highest price for your years of hard work put into developing the business while your potential buyers will also want to receive the highest possible future profitability, at the lowest possible price. Most buyers and sellers use the Return on Investment, Asset Value, or Market Value techniques to determine the value of a business.

The Return on Investment technique uses the net profit to value a business while the Asset or Book Value technique adds the intangible and tangible assets of the business to determine its value. Market Value technique is multiplies the turnover of your business with an industry standard. This is mostly used when valuing service industries such as legal practices.

10 Questions to Ask Before Selling Your Business

10 Questions to Ask Before Selling Your Business

When valuing, consider the cost of starting your business from scratch. Put a price on the sweat i.e. the time and effort you put in employing staff, buying equipment, attracting customers, advertising, developing products, advertising etc. It wouldn’t be bad to seek professional advice from an accountant or financial advisor before selling as they may already have a list of potential buyers among their client list. Business brokers are professionals who sell businesses for a living so be sure to pay them a visit if you decide to sell. Before engaging any professional, be sure to check if they are registered with the Consumer Protection division of the Department of Commerce. This will help protect you and your business from any unfair trading practices.

Bottom line

Remember that at the end of it all, it is still your business. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that your business is going to sell for your asking price (approximately 87% of businesses are actually sold for the asking price). Selling will give you time and lots of money to spend, but the loss of social connections and a life goal to spur you on might leave you feeling empty. Think it through before making the decision to sell.

Top 3 Online Dating Sites For Single Moms

There are basically hundred of online dating sites to choose from nowadays. There is no dearth of sites that cater to the single parents, especially the single moms. The main advantage is that you will be interacting with other single parents who have similar experience of raising kids on their own. The other advantage is that when you join a site specifically designed for single parents you are likely to meet individuals who will not be averse to dating a single mom. Here are the top 3 online dating sites for single mom -


This is a new dating website and is ideal for those who have tried their luck in other dating websites. It is a new entry in the dating community and is now a huge entity in the world of internet dating for single moms. When you think of dating for single moms the things that automatically come to mind are romance, adventure and a lot of fun. Dating is a serious affair, no doubt, but some fun element should be there. is a good site for single moms who are looking forward to mature dating. Things will not get too serious right away and this is where the website wins hands-down as the majority of the members here are fond of loads of fun and casual dating. The best feature of the site is TV where members can view humorous dating advice episodes. The tips are told in a light-hearted manner but they are very useful. To get started, you can choose the 1 month standard plan which costs $24.99 per month.

Xpress Dating Site - Xpress Dating

Xpress Dating Site – Xpress Dating


Practically everyone is aware of and it is easily the most popular website in the dating world. Online dating sites like are ideal for stay-at-home moms who need to juggle between managing the kids and surfing the dating sites. There are numerous commercials screaming about the success of and frankly speaking, a majority of them are all true. The website has over 12 million members from across the world and the site has high rate of success in finding like-minded individuals for single moms. It does not take long to get your profile updated on and get started. There are lots of options to share even the minute details like that of your pets. To make it more appealing you can purchase their ProfilePro help which will cost $39.99 and the subscription is for one month only. Once the profile is completed you will then start featuring in the Daily Matches and you will get a notification as soon as anybody shows interest.

Woman Sues for Matching Her with a Murder Suspect Who Assaulted Her

Woman Sues for Matching Her with a Murder Suspect Who Assaulted Her

3) is one of the better places for single moms to find a partner for themselves. This is a top notch dating site and everyone has only good things to say about this site. One will come across individuals who are intelligent and knows a lot about raising kids. However, there are a few members who are looking for sex and in case you are not interested, you are better off ignoring them. The site is a bit expensive and the one-month membership charges are $59.95 only. But it is worth the investment as the site also boasts of a mobile application feature which means that you can search for other members from virtually anywhere. Simply said, you just cannot go wrong with