Which Gaming Accessories Make the Best Gifts

When it comes to landing the attention of a gamer girl, you can never go wrong with a good gift. Anyone in England who spends a good amount of their time gaming is going to appreciate the money, research and craftsmanship of a fine piece of equipment and women are certainly included in that. In fact, appealing to her by way of gaming instead of through traditionally feminine gifts is more likely to make an impression than anything else. Anything that acknowledges her as a gamer first is going to be a step in the right directionwhen it comes to getting on her good side, if for no other reason than the fact that it is not the side typically catered to. She is so used to being considered a woman first and a gamer second that finding someone who acknowledges the gamer aspect first will instantly set you on track to really standing out from the rest of the crowd. Get some moret tips on how to cheat online here: http://cheatingsitesguide.co.uk/how-to-cheat/. Use all the dating info mentioned in our guides to impress a gamer girl online.

Figure out Her Most Played Genres and Work from There

Finding the best accessories for gifts really starts with what she already enjoys doing. In this case, that means finding out what genres she likes and specifically the kinds of games found therein. While you can find a plethora of information on how to cheat online without ever having to speak with the specific woman who has your attention at the moment, chances are you will need to hold a conversation or two with her to find out what she is really into before being able to narrow down what it is she would appreciate the most as a gift. Since this is the case, giving her a gaming accessoryreally only works in the situation where you have already known her for some time, you have access to other people who have and are willing to tell you about her, or you intend for this to be more than just a one time thing. Once any of those criteria are met, however, it’s time to press forward with the best gifts possible.

Why is genre so important, however? Well, for those of you who may not really be into gaming on the computer so much, it is important to understand that certain games rely more on the mouse and others more so the keyboard. In some cases there are multiple key combinations to hit all at the same time which require more buttons on both the keyboard and mouse, while in others, reaction time and input lag are the defining characteristics. The long and short of it, for those of you who just want to know where to start, is that anything reflexive such as competitive shooters and platformers, are going to want wired connections and will most likely be more mouse dependent than anything else. This is also true for your standard action oriented role playing game. In most other cases, however, and especially if the game is played with quite a few other people, as tends to be the case with Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games, or MMORPGs, the keyboard is the most important part of the system.

The Gaming Mouse

If you have spent at least as much time considering what to get her as you did looking for how to cheat online before coming to the conclusion that a mouse is the way to go, you are probably on the right track. The key point of difficulty now becomes which kind is most suited to the games that she plays? The major options these days consist of wired, wireless, and those with significant amounts of buttons on them versus those with the fewer, standard amount of three or four. This is going to depend primarily on how she plays more than what. This is because the twitchier more reaction based way of playing she has, the more likely she is going to want to stick with something wired. If, however, her gameplay is more proactive, predictive, or takes more than a second or so to be implemented anyway, going wireless is certainly an option and a popular way to reduce clutter on any desk.

For any RPG player, you can usually get away with a wireless mouse. This is because even action oriented RPGs tend to have longer cast times and in game battles that allow for the kind of latency buffer you can expect to experience with a wireless mousethan you would on the same mouse with a wired connection. In other words, you just do not notice the latency as much. If, however, she is playing something like a First Person Shooter, or FPS, where every millisecond matters and she needs to be able to zoom in and zoom out on the fly, sticking with a wired connection is the way to go. Now, when it comes to deciding on the amount of buttons, the best gauge of this actually how many people she is playing with. If she is mostly on her own in the game, or in a small team, sticks with the more standard amounts of buttons. If, however, she leans more towards the MMO genre, consider the mice with ridiculous amounts of buttons on the side, because sis one of the few people who is actually going to make use of them.

The High End Keyboard

Mice aren’t the only high end gaming accessory any serious gamer in England would appreciate getting as a gift. Keyboards, especially gaming keyboards, have come a long way in recent years. Unlike mice, where the wireless trend as really taken off, you can expect to find the majority of keyboards to come still attached to a wire. In fact, many even come with the older PS/2 connection at the other end in place of or in addition to USB. Why is that? In a word: ghosting. Only gamers and people with extremely high typing speeds ever really run into this problem, but it is something that can really affect both your writing and your gaming and thus something to avoid when trying to find the perfect gaming accessory for her. Compared to looking up how to cheat online, where any keyboard will get the job done, this is really the make it or break it point for any real enthusiast.

This is because ghosting is what happens when you press, for example, five keys at once, and only three are registered by the computer. There is a long, drawn out explanation for this, but suffice it to say this is ultimately a hardware limitation in both our wireless technology and any non-mechanical switch keyboard. Mechanical switches come in many flavors you may have already heard of, from the cherry rainbow of choices to topre switches, the latter of which is both extremely high end, and highly expensive. Most gamers tend to prefer the more customizable options of the cherry mx switch of their choice, anyway. These are the most common types of keyboards to find and come in all sorts of combinations of size, color, backlighting and appearance to suit everyone’s need. We might suggest, however, taking the time to include her in the process of buying a keyboard, as a lot of it rests on personal preference.